F295′s Throwback Thursday

A few pictures from the F295 archives from past symposia!


Jill Enfield kicking off a toy camera tintype workshop in 2008




Christina Z. Anderson admiring a piece by Robert Hirsch in one of the F295 group exhibitions.



Jesseca Ferguson, Ilan Wolff, and Martha Casanave field questions from the audience in the morning Q/A panel discussion.



Finishing up the final signage for the F295 show of 2008.



Snapshots from F295

Over the next few Fridays we’ll be pulling some pictures from the F295 archive to share with you from past symposia. We look forward to seeing you at the end of May for the 2014 edition! 


Robert Hirsch, Jerry Spagnoli, and Dan Estabrook look over Spagnoli’s latest book at the opening reception.



Eric Joseph of Freestyle Photographic discussing paper with Martha Casanave and others!



Jody Ake discussing his In Camera Industry wet plate (and other in camera processes) holders.



John Metoyer delivering a fascinating lecture on mythology, ancestry, history, and 19th century photographic process and how it all works together as he creates and documents a fabricated world with a foundation in the real.


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Two Free Seminars – All about Paper!


It’s extremely important that we have a solid understanding of all of the materials that go into creating a finished photograph – everything from digital and analog apparatus to what substrate will be employed to deliver the finished print or object. So, to that end we’re hosting two different paper workshops at F295 this year AND they’re both FREE to those registered for the conference!

Saturday morning at 9am Eric Joseph of Freestyle Photographic will kick things off with his groundbreaking 2 hour The World Of Inkjet Papers… The Print Matters! seminar. Eric has gone on an immersive journey into the depths of the vast variety of inkjet papers that are available and returned to share his discoveries with us. He will offer valuable information  about how one might pre-visualize, before they snap the shutter, what the final printed inkjet output will look and what material will be utilized to realize that vision.


After lunch at 1pm Bob Toth and Scott Disabato from Canson-Infinity Paper will deliver fascinating 2 hour interactive presentation that will take us behind the scenes making fine art papers. The Canson paper mill was found in 1557, the Arches mill was founded in 1492, and both are still in commercial use today. They’ll discuss how fine art papers differ from “regular” papers, how the production process impacts the final product, and more!

This is a marvelous chance to spend time with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Most of us create prints almost every day – it’s time to look beneath the hood and really understand the paper!

These seminars are free to conference attendees, but space is limited and registration is required!

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Environmental Portraiture Workshop!


F295 usually has at least one non-process specific workshop and this year we have a great one!

Are you interested in making portraits of people, but don’t feel as if you’re outgoing enough? Maybe you’re shy or terrified at the thought of making portraits of strangers in unknown environments? Well, we have just the workshop for you! Internationally known portraitist Martha Casanave is coming to the 2014 F295 symposium to deliver a 1 1/2 day workshop that will demystify the fine art of environmental portraiture. her workshop will show how even those who are not gregarious extroverts can make compelling portraits of people they’ve never met in places they’ve never been! Both film and digital shooters welcome in this unique experience!

Martha’s latest book Trajectories: A Half Century of Portraits (Image Continuum Press, 2013) was recently released to widespread acclaim. This workshop has been offered in other cities and it usually fills quickly. Check out the workshop page for more information as well as how to register. Read more here >>

See the book here >>