As part of F295′s commitment to showcasing a range of interesting work and innovative ideas from senior practitioners to the latest talent we’re excited to have Dan Herrera joining us this year! Herrera is a  young, but fascinating photographer who uses a combination of digital techniques and the 19th century gum bichromate process to create fantastic and surreal worlds. Herrera loved creating dioramas when he was a young boy and those early transformative experiments inform his latest body of work.

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The Wax Tickler, 2012

Each image in his series begins with the construction of a miniature set created out of created or found objects.  He lights and photographs the sculptures, then photographs real people and other full sized props to fill out the image and complete the environment. These elements are then merged and transformed through the use of a digital image editing application.


The Self Inquisitionist, (behind the scenes process), 2011

Herrera believes that the work is not complete without its manifestation as a physical print (often massively sized at 30×40″!). He feels as though the transformative properties of the  gum bichromate process is the best means of articulating hi unusual, dreamlike visions of other possible other-worlds. Tediously he builds each image from a set of digital color separated negatives. Processing is a hands-on intensive process where he actively interjects his hand by scratching and removing bits of emulsion to achieve the exactly desired look and feel.

Here’s a wonderful video of his process…

If the complexities of Herrera’s work allude to the complexities of his mind, you definitely don’t want to miss his upcoming lecture at the f295 symposium!

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Encounter at the Well, 2011

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The Shrouded Mire, 2012