Gum Bichromate Workshop with Dan Estabrook!


There is science, too, in photography — mixing salt and silver to represent the otherwise unseen details of the natural world. By processes physical and chemical, it is even possible to distill one’s breath, capture time, and give a material life to the immaterial. 

– Dan Estabrook, 1998

The gum bichromate process, can sometimes be frustrating, but those willing to court this fickle mistress can be rewarded with stunning results.  F295 is excited to present Estabrook and his wonderful hands-on workshop at this year’s symposium!


The workshop is limited to 10 participants — sign up now to have your chance to collaborate with this amazing photographer! Dan has been working with gum bichromate and other historical processes for over 20 years.  One of his series’, Nine Symptoms, (created with the salted paper process) describes the emotions he’s experienced falling in love. He calls to mind old medical symptoms with titles like “Shortness of Breath,” “Fever,” and “Loss of Appetite.” In this series and other works, you can see the painterly effects that gum bichromate has on finished photographs.  Some of Estrabrook’s work  appears  looks like multi-media or collage because of his use of color, shape, and hand-alteration of the prints through drawing and painting.

Gum bichromate is  an extremely versatile medium, and this workshop is designed to show the full potential of the process while keeping instruction straightforward and easy to follow.  In addition, Dan will be discussing with students on how to enhance the photographs by painting or drawing on the finished work.

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Students should come prepared with a least one negative for printing (8″x10″ or smaller) and any favorite art materials, such as paints, pencils, brushes, etc.