Jefferson Hayman at F295!

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F295 is excited to welcome photographer Jefferson Hayman at the 2014 spring symposium!

Hayman is an artist that works within the themes of nostalgia, common symbols and memory.  Living outside of Manhattan in Tappan, NY, Hayman’s work often features New York City… but like you’ve never seen it before.  New York in Hayman’s eyes is an empty, mysterious place with intense atmospheric conditions and light reminiscent of film noir. His work tends to be moody and sparse without being depressing.

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He’s unafraid to work with a variety of printing methods, but each is chosen carefully to fit the image. The photographs might be realized as handcrafted silver gelatin, platinum, pigment, or one of several other processes prints.  The delicate tonality gives his images a timeless quality, which is only enhanced by his carefully chosen frames.  Each photograph is paired with an antique or commissioned frame that is chosen specifically to elevate the image’s visual sentiment.

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Hayman photographs of nature and people are just as intriguing as his city work, perhaps even more so.  He retains the same dreamy, filtered light but paired with a different, more emotional tension.

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In Hayman’s upcoming lecture, he will discuss how the themes of nostalgia, common symbols, and memory are each motifs that help him forge a unique visual sensibility. He will cover his entire process from start to finish and how each step is informed by the larger vision that we all inhabit a place like this.

You do not want to miss this lecture.  Read a preview here>>>

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