Gum Bichromate Workshop with Dan Estabrook!


There is science, too, in photography — mixing salt and silver to represent the otherwise unseen details of the natural world. By processes physical and chemical, it is even possible to distill one’s breath, capture time, and give a material life to the immaterial. 

– Dan Estabrook, 1998

The gum bichromate process, can sometimes be frustrating, but those willing to court this fickle mistress can be rewarded with stunning results.  F295 is excited to present Estabrook and his wonderful hands-on workshop at this year’s symposium!


The workshop is limited to 10 participants — sign up now to have your chance to collaborate with this amazing photographer! Dan has been working with gum bichromate and other historical processes for over 20 years.  One of his series’, Nine Symptoms, (created with the salted paper process) describes the emotions he’s experienced falling in love. He calls to mind old medical symptoms with titles like “Shortness of Breath,” “Fever,” and “Loss of Appetite.” In this series and other works, you can see the painterly effects that gum bichromate has on finished photographs.  Some of Estrabrook’s work  appears  looks like multi-media or collage because of his use of color, shape, and hand-alteration of the prints through drawing and painting.

Gum bichromate is  an extremely versatile medium, and this workshop is designed to show the full potential of the process while keeping instruction straightforward and easy to follow.  In addition, Dan will be discussing with students on how to enhance the photographs by painting or drawing on the finished work.

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Students should come prepared with a least one negative for printing (8″x10″ or smaller) and any favorite art materials, such as paints, pencils, brushes, etc.




Environmental Portraiture Workshop at F295


Ansel Adams, Martha Casanave

Do you ever look at other photographers’ work and think… I wish I could take a portrait like that?  Capturing people in portraits–especially people we don’t know–can be so daunting that many of us never even try.  But at F295′s 2014 symposium, Martha Casanave is presenting a workshop designed to give you the practical skills you need to make a well-balanced, naturally lit, engaging environmental portrait.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the most extroverted person in the room or if no one knows you’re there…

Casanave’s workshop will be extremely hands on.  She will take the 12 participants to a nearby, unknown location and methodically build an environmental portrait with help from everyone. By the end of the workshop you will have participated in putting together the composition for a professional grade portrait.


Brett Weston with Model, Martha Casanave

Martha Casanave is a working photographer with a portrait portfolio developed over decades.  She built her own clientele and has been teaching photography for over thirty years.  For ten years, she took groups of American photographers to Russia to work on projects. She even received a grant from Polaroid to document her experiences in Leningrad in winter.

She was awarded the Imogen Cunningham Photography Award for her portraiture in 1979 and her book Past Lives– Photographs was published by Godine in 1991.  In spring of 2013 she released her latest book: Trajectories: A Half Century of Portraits (Image Continuum Press).

Casanave’s photographs are included in many major collections, such as  the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Stanford Museum, the Bibliotheque Nationale, the J. Paul Getty Museum , and the Graham Nash private collection.

Casanave  teaches Beginning Photography, Portraiture, and Alternative Photographic Processes at Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz, and Monterey Peninsula College. She also teaches workshops and Master Classes nationally and internationally.

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Environmental Portraiture Workshop!


F295 usually has at least one non-process specific workshop and this year we have a great one!

Are you interested in making portraits of people, but don’t feel as if you’re outgoing enough? Maybe you’re shy or terrified at the thought of making portraits of strangers in unknown environments? Well, we have just the workshop for you! Internationally known portraitist Martha Casanave is coming to the 2014 F295 symposium to deliver a 1 1/2 day workshop that will demystify the fine art of environmental portraiture. her workshop will show how even those who are not gregarious extroverts can make compelling portraits of people they’ve never met in places they’ve never been! Both film and digital shooters welcome in this unique experience!

Martha’s latest book Trajectories: A Half Century of Portraits (Image Continuum Press, 2013) was recently released to widespread acclaim. This workshop has been offered in other cities and it usually fills quickly. Check out the workshop page for more information as well as how to register. Read more here >>

See the book here >>