It’s extremely important that we have a solid understanding of all of the materials that go into creating a finished photograph – everything from digital and analog apparatus to what substrate will be employed to deliver the finished print or object. So, to that end we’re hosting two different paper workshops at F295 this year AND they’re both FREE to those registered for the conference!

Saturday morning at 9am Eric Joseph of Freestyle Photographic will kick things off with his groundbreaking 2 hour The World Of Inkjet Papers… The Print Matters! seminar. Eric has gone on an immersive journey into the depths of the vast variety of inkjet papers that are available and returned to share his discoveries with us. He will offer valuable information  about how one might pre-visualize, before they snap the shutter, what the final printed inkjet output will look and what material will be utilized to realize that vision.


After lunch at 1pm Bob Toth and Scott Disabato from Canson-Infinity Paper will deliver fascinating 2 hour interactive presentation that will take us behind the scenes making fine art papers. The Canson paper mill was found in 1557, the Arches mill was founded in 1492, and both are still in commercial use today. They’ll discuss how fine art papers differ from “regular” papers, how the production process impacts the final product, and more!

This is a marvelous chance to spend time with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Most of us create prints almost every day – it’s time to look beneath the hood and really understand the paper!

These seminars are free to conference attendees, but space is limited and registration is required!

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