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03-06-2005, 05:06 PM
Some time ago, Ingo was so friendly to assemble his "Magnetboden" for me as I could not get the parts in Belgium. Now, today very fine weather, I took Ingo's Clack from the camera swap (with already had a tripod mount from the factory) and my transformed Ansco Shur Shot (that doesn't). (Both loaded with T-Max 400). Just to be sure, I mounted the Ingo Magnet on my tripod and went on the road. First big surprise: it was so sunny that with Ingo's camera I only needed 1/8 - 1/2 second with 400 ASA. So, theoretically, handheld should habe been possible. Nevertheless I used the magnet which really is a great invention because it works with all cameras having at least one metallic part to fix it.
IMHO you don't need to by absolutely the "Jobo Magnetboden", any strong magnet will do, but the advantage is that: a)the bottom of your cameras will stay flat, b)you need no screw on every camera, c)mounting of the camera onto the tripod goes much quicker. If you have a camera without any metallc parts, just tape a piece of iron somewhere.
Here are some detailt:
Attached files http://f295.f295.org/uploads/magnet_with_tripod_mount_7631.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/magnet_with_tripod_mount_7631.jpg) http://f295.f295.org/uploads/tripod_with_magnet_4231.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/tripod_with_magnet_4231.jpg)

03-06-2005, 05:08 PM
The system with Ingo's camera

Attached files http://f295.f295.org/uploads/magnet_with_ingo_6999.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/magnet_with_ingo_6999.jpg)

03-06-2005, 05:09 PM
The same for the Ansco, but then the tripod head turned 90

Attached files http://f295.f295.org/uploads/ansco_with_magnet_5066.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/ansco_with_magnet_5066.jpg)

03-07-2005, 09:19 AM
The white thing on the turning knob is the rubber ring when I'm not shooting