View Full Version : Solar Plate Intaglio Print: Sand Pattern Overlay

09-21-2008, 01:48 PM
This image is part of a new series that will include 4 prints for a limited edition portfolio, represented by Ventero Open Press Fine Art Gallery. This is a sand pattern that I made at the creek bed at the Great Sand Dunes. I used two plates and two different inks to make the print on Rives BFK. The first solar plate was exposed for 1 minute and developed in water. The plate includes the entire image area on the positive. The second plate was exposed and processed in the same manner as the first plate. The second plate is smaller and was exposed to record the middle section of the image area. The first plate was inked with black ink, was run through the press, and allowed to dry. The second plate was inked with a dark red ink. Prior to printing the overlay, the print with the first impression was rewetted and blotted. The second plate was then run through the press on the print creating an overlay. My scanner isn’t working right now so I recorded the print with a camera. My apologies for the slight warp to the paper.