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03-18-2009, 08:55 AM
Ok, I have an idea for a lens based camera. Basically it will be a box, with a fixed enlarger lens set to the approprate distance from the film plane, using 120 film on a curved plane.

I havent done any real homework for this yet, but I have built a pinhole 6x17/18 panoramic box camera, with a curved film plane. It worked, but had problems, enough for me to retire it early. (one result from this camera - http://f295.f295.org/uploads/Blah.pl?m-1157483327/s-0/highlight-/#num0)

(this is a link to my second attempt at the pinhole panoramic, but materials proved too bulky - http://f295.f295.org/uploads/Blah.pl?m-1171654357/s-0/)

So, if anyone has any experience/advice ( I know there are a few of you ) that can help me with my llittle project, from materials and calculations, to functions such as shutter and winding mechanisms I would love to hear them!

I will post up photos and details, and maybe some sketches of any structured plans, measurements and tests (lens coverage etc) as I go, along with what I have learned and all my mistakes, which I am sure there will be many

I have searched the forums and will search again, but if you have publlished anything that might help, either curverd film plane, fitting and setting fixed large format lenses, and 120 winding then post a link or send on the link in a private message..


03-18-2009, 06:47 PM
g'day jml

i followed the links to your previous efforts, outstanding work, you have some great ideas, except the one about holding power tools upside down

don't do it, i nearly lost 2 fingers when they were "shaved" by an electric planner, into the bone on the index and middle fingers, 3 months in bandages, hospital visits to have bandages changed every day for 5 weeks, 2 days later my son was born, i wasn't much help for the first month

anyway, fixed lenses, in my experience of building fixed focus and nested box cameras, an enlarger lens (i'm assuming something like a MF 75/80mm) probably won't have enough coverage for extreme wide angle

recover lens elements from magnifying glasses or close up eye piece attachments on old cameras

my latest camera is 6x9 with a 35mm lens recovered from the viewer on an old 6x6 camera, focus fixed at 3 metres gives pretty much everything sharp from close to infinity

see my other posts on this site, i'd add a link but i don't know how, i'd post an image but i recently lost them due to a computer failure

03-19-2009, 04:48 AM
Thanks Ray, don't worry, I wont be using those tools that way any more, I have a basic router table now, so hopefully can do all of the sanding by hand all going well, that is if i even need to use the router.

(as for adding a link, I simply copy the address of the page I want to link to, and paste into the text, there is another way, but, baby steps right!)

The lens is a Kodak Ektar 100mm 3.6 (I have 2, 1 is fixed aperture, the other is embedded in a thick shell, but has a variable aperture up to f22 as far as I can make out, I need to get the lens out from the shell first, but to do that I need a fairly small hex key.

I have done a (very basic) test on coverage, and according to findings so far, the lens will be close enough to the film plane to give good overall focus (and a small enough box size), but yes, the jury is still out as to whether the lens will get the 6x17/18 that I am looking for. I will aim high, and if I end up with a 6x15 or even a 6x12 then so be it, nothing ventured...

My main aim is to keep costs as low as possible, I paid about 5 euro for these 2 lenses, it would be a crying shame not to make something that worked from them!

I am thinking of mocking up some cardboard cutout, to mount the lens, to keep it light tight, and have a curved, sanded piece of acetate as the focusing glass. I should be able to measure an approximate distance from film for the lens if I do it right..

Maybe I will get a chance the weekend to mock it up. If so I will post some (digital, sorry is that a bad word) images of the work done!