View Full Version : building a 8x10 pinhole.anyone interes

02-11-2006, 08:16 AM
hello all,
i just got an old wooden 8x10 film holder and i was planning on building a pinhole around it. i plan to make it modular (similar to my zero). i was planning to have about a 2 inch distance and maybe a 5 inch. i will do more research to be sure to get what i want. i would like a disatance that would be similar to 25mm in 4X5. so i figure that would be about 50mm in 8x10. correct?
i would like to make it so it slides together, so it should be light tight on the seems. i will use a router (spelling mistake sorry, i can not find my dictionary) maybe i will make the back slide on, or maybe i will attach it another way. i am not sure what wood i will use yet, i need to watch my finaces.
basically my buddy is goin to help me because i am not so creative, and i have zero wood working skills. my friend is very very skilled and has great ideas and produces beautiful results in all of his stuff (houses, frames, post and beam biulding etc) so do not worry too much. so basically he told me that by the time i set up everytihng and get it all cut and all that i might as well build a 100 of them. because all the time is spent on the set up. i will try and make one for me. if anyone else is interested please let me know and i will cut a few more if there is interest. it will be easy to cut a few more while i am doing it. so if anyone is interested please PM me. i will try and keep the costs low. basically if i cover my material costs and shipping i am happy.
i have no idea when i will finish it, but i have ordered a box of film already so that should motivate me!
i will post info as i go.


Carl Radford
02-11-2006, 02:06 PM
PM sent!