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Nikola Dulgiarov
09-17-2010, 02:22 PM
Some time ago a friend of mine asked me if I could make him a very basic 8x10 pinhole camera with variable focal distance that's lightweight and simple to use. So, I took his idea a step further, adding a simple magnifying glass lens.
The camera is made up almost completely out of cardboard - the front panel is part of a photopaper box, and so is the rear one. The bellows is made of black cardboard only, reinforced with black paper soaked in PVA glue at the joints and creases.
The bellows extends up to 24-25cm and folds down to about 5.
I fashioned the camera to accept a"standard"( to me) 5x5cm pinhole plate, so I can have change the hole size with ease, whenever I want.
But what I was surprised most by was how nice this camera doubles as a lens one. Despite the many drawbacks, the results are very pleasing.
here are some images I took on old FB paper using the lens mod of the camera

I don't have any photo of the camera right now, but I'll take some soon.

Nikola Dulgiarov
09-17-2010, 02:34 PM
oh, yes
the lens is from a magnifying glass with a focal length of about 95mm
Haven't calculated the f-stop though

09-17-2010, 05:22 PM
That's a great image. Can you post some pictures of the camera? Looking forward to seeing more images.


Nikola Dulgiarov
09-18-2010, 12:58 AM
Thanks. I'll get a digi-snapper and take some photos.
In the meantime, here are some more photos I took using the lens version, including a self portrait with my darkcloth ;)
you can also see the remote shutter in my right hand - a piece of string on a bobbin attached to a piece of cardboard
on the camera

Nikola Dulgiarov
09-18-2010, 02:37 AM
first off, I was quite negligent with the camera, and the images are LOUSY, sorry about which( I tend to want to go out and shoot with the camera, rather than take pics of it)

, so here is the camera fully extended without the lens attachment
the focal distance & tilts and swings are adjusted using the rail-like mechanism:
camera compressed as much a s possible:
the rear section "splits: in half to take in the paper:
the front section with pinhole and shutter
the pinhole plates can be changed
the "lensboard"is a piece of corrugated cardboard, attached with bent paperclips
the lens is attached with duct tape
you can also see the "shutter"