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Tom Persinger
08-06-2005, 12:53 AM
wondering how everyone feels about the current topical division of f295 ?

*Do we have too many topics?
*Not enough topics?
*Another you'd like to see?
*Wondering why we have one?
*other random thoughts re: topical division welcome too...

any input appreciated..... trying to gather input to best meet our communities needs!!

Pittsburgh, PA USA

08-06-2005, 01:07 PM
I love the basic set-up of the site. The four main picture post areas are required: b&w, color, polaroid, and IR. The darkroom and camera making sections are always lively. I think that the book 1 section and later the calendar section have acted as wonderful filters, challenging us all to post only our very best images. I also like the special categories, even though they have had mixed results in terms of participation. I have not contributed to all of them, but several have caused me to make an image or two that I might not have thought of. I liked it when we had two special categories going at once, each with a two month open time, with a new one appearing each month. These categories could easily repeat after a suitable period of time - cityscapes, motion, sky, water, within walking distance of home, interiors, workplace - these are all categories that could run every year or every two years and we would not get tired of them. Some of the coolest images posted have been in these special topic areas, and it might be good to set up an area where a certain number of votes by members could move an image to an archive area.

08-08-2005, 07:49 AM
I think this forum already has pretty much all the areas that are required and I certainly like the look/format of the pages which are very user friendly; I've even seen a post on another site pointing to f295 as an example of how a site should look.
If anything, I'd be thinking about rationalising the site by combining similar areas such as gear swap, print swap and for sale/wanted to buy, which could all go [possibly combined] in a general news and information area and so on. I've seen a few posts where people weren't sure where to put them and reducing the redundancy of similar themes spread across different areas might help this.
One thing that we don't have, and that I don't think we need, is a chat area for non-pinhole matters because the forum is already so open and chatty. And I see this as a great positive for the forum!
I see f295 as "Tom's baby" and I see Tom as being something of a benign dictator [but with aspirations to democratic process] so I can see a point in having a restricted posting area where "the administrator" can put up questions and announcements, purely as his personal domain. Seriously!
Perhaps everyone could also consider ways to structure the site as it expands to deal with ever more accumulated postings *e.g. developing a structure to automatically archive material so it's still available but without cluttering up the boards or even criteria for allowing deletion of old inactive material if space ever becomes critical? For example, should the boards only open to the most recent x-number of posts while older and inactive material defaults to an archive area where it can still be retrieved if anyone wants it? Perhaps, filed by the month and year it was posted? I dislike the discussion boards out there that look like a single page list of everything that's ever been posted on them.
Does anyone strongly agree or disagree with any of this?

f295 Administrator
08-08-2005, 09:11 AM
earl- i didnt realize that I let f295 drop to only one special category. I like having 2 also. So, I posted another today. As I recall they'd overlap so about every month there'd be a new one. So, this one LIGHT is only up for a month.... thanks for the reminder!

apn- thanks for your feedback i do aspire to democrcacy and am trying not to get too comfortable in the role of dictator (benign or otherwise)...though i think i'd prefer something more like a monarchy....seems much more friendly (not to mention divine) ;)

dealing with growth is def. one of the reasons I posted this "more topics/less topics" query. I want to be sure to stay in contact with "the masses" as new members come on board and keep the site growing in directions that both the ruling party enjoys as well as the membership... well, within reason ;)


c.a. church
08-08-2005, 02:48 PM
What about a forum for posting pictures of your homemade cameras? I mean, I know we have the camera building forum, but that's more for discussion - I'd think that this would let people show off their favorite (end result) cameras, and maybe encourage more people to create craftier-looking devices.

Maybe? Just a thought!


08-08-2005, 05:22 PM
Tom, you could see the political comparison as being like the mother of small children... It's something of a compliment, though I'll admit it's a "backhanded" one [and definitely with an Aussie's sense of humour]
How about constitutional monarchy for a model? <L> ;-)

08-23-2005, 06:13 AM
Tom, could you organise a more extensive search function? I'd like to get the most recent 20, 50 or 100 posts instead of just 10 and be able to find ALL of someone's posts instead of just the most recent few. Also, it'd be good to be able to search for threads only ie exclude repiles from the search.