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01-21-2007, 07:33 PM
Hello Group,
Thank you for all of your help and wonderful advice. Here is my first attempt at a 4x5 camera. It has gotten a little beatup in my backpack. I have sofar taken 6 photos using Fomapan 100 and will be developing them this week and if anything is on the negatives making a few prints. Which I will try to share.

01-30-2007, 12:14 AM
Your camera is very intriguing. I would never have thought to lay it out like that. It's very compact. I hope you get some great images. If so, I may 'borrow' the design in the future, with your permission of course.

I went in another direction with my first 4x5 foamcore camera. I put up a page on my website with several photos:


It uses standard 4x5 holders. I have one lens (a converted 5x magnifying glass) and a pinhole that can be interchanged. There is an f/64 aperture that slides on in front of the lens, and both the lens and the pinhole can be fitted with filters.

I made a viewing screen out of a 4x6 picture frame glass and Scotch brand matte tape. Focus is fixed, with the aperture providing depth of field from 0.7 meters to infinity. The lens cap is the shutter.

I really am happy with the camera, My next project, which this camera was originally just a dry run for, is a 5x7 glass plate foamcore camera, sliding box style, using a meniscus lens. I plan to use an albumen negative process to start with, then I'll take it from there after I see how everything works.

I must say that this foamcore 4x5 has really captured me, more that I thought it would. I have taken some unbelievably sharp pictures that look great printed with the Van Dyke process.

- Jon

01-30-2007, 12:55 PM
The size is a plus. Almost the same dimensions as the holder. Total thickness from back to front is 3 7/8 of an inch. My only problem is I forgot to install a 1/4 nut for a tripod mount.
If you check under my screen name you can see some of the pictures this camera has taken.
I am now is the process of building my next 4x5 and i am thinking of making it a slider. Kind of like a bellows. One stationery box with another fitted over that one to give a fake bellows. It will allow me a wide, normal, and telephoto from the same camera. It will have interchangable pinholes. I will be making it out of book binders board. It is a wonderful high density board. Comes in 1/8 in. thickness that I could not bend. It will keep construction weight down but give me durability. If you want to use my design feel free. Any questions feel free to ask.
Arthur, NYC