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bob fallis
02-25-2007, 09:00 AM
I have lent my daughter my kiev88 pinhole, so this is what I made to replace it for world pinhole day.
bob Attached files http://f295.f295.org/uploads/backview_5639.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/backview_5639.jpg) http://f295.f295.org/uploads/frountview_3608.jpg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/frountview_3608.jpg)

02-25-2007, 12:47 PM
Looks good! A really industrial-strength camera.

It's interesting to see the variety of ways people have come up with to keep the film holder tight against the camera. This one is simple and ought to work great.

bob fallis
02-25-2007, 03:34 PM
I should point out there's a layer of velcro mat between the slide and the camera body.
my woodwork is not good enough not to have to use it.


02-26-2007, 06:24 PM
that's an interesting orange box...what's it's history/provenance?

bob fallis
02-27-2007, 10:51 AM
I'm slowly recoveing from a stroke, and this is my first venture , since last september into the work shop, I'm intrest in large format photography and intend to make a 5x4 field camera, so this was something of a practice run. the body is made from MDF. and covered with sticky back plastic, It's really just a box the film carrier is glued to the box. I have not taken a photo with it yet as I'm waiting for some film to arrive, I intend to use Ilford ortho film, as this can be handled in a red safe light,and tray prossed, back to how we did it 50yrs ago

bob fallis
02-28-2007, 11:05 AM
I'm still waitng for some film, this is a paper neg Imade with the camera 50sec at f222. alos so a contact print of the neg. the paper is kentmere vc

Attached files http://f295.f295.org/uploads/01neg_562.jpeg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/01neg_562.jpeg) http://f295.f295.org/uploads/01print_8352.jpeg (http://f295.f295.org/uploads/01print_8352.jpeg)