1. End of the Line?

    We just found out this week that Harman Direct Positive Paper might be no more. The supplier company of the emulsion itself has gone into receivership, and manufacture of the product will thus be curtailed, unless cross-licensing and process recipe transfer can be arranged.

    Going back through my archive of Harman Direct Positive prints, it seems I just didn't do enough work with this medium, despite ...
  2. 8-by-10 Box Camera Video

    Last week I used my 8-by-10 tailboard-style nested box camera to create a simple image of a patio chair, and afterwards decided that an overview video of the camera's operation was needed, so I got busy yesterday afternoon, while everyone was away and the house was quiet, with shooting video.

    I used a Lumix G5, micro-4/3 format still camera to shoot the video, using the 14-45mm Lumix lens set to continuous AF, recording in the MP4 format. Because my heavier Bogen tripod was being ...
  3. Passing the Torch

    I was thinking today about passing the torch. No, not the Olympic torch, but a more personal version, one involving the now disappearing craft of chemical photography.

    I have a five year old grandson whos seen me snap innumerable digital portraits of him, in almost every conceivable situation, such that hes become adept at assuming a photogenic pose, almost instinctively. This has happened no ...
  4. New Video on Pre-Flashing Paper Negatives

    I got around to shooting some video yesterday on the subject of pre-flashing paper negatives. I tried to be as informative as I could while keeping the length of the piece as short as possible, but I still managed to make it 11 minutes long. Apparently I love to talk.

    I didn't touch on how to actually do test strips or contact prints, since I'm assuming most people with an interest in this sort ...

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  5. 5" x 7" Pinhole Box Camera Video

    Hi folks;

    Some of you might know that I've been using a 5" x 7" pinhole box camera recently, constructed of black foam core board and featuring an internal storage compartment for paper negatives.

    Here's a sample image:

    Today I put together a simple video explaining the features ...
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