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  1. earlj's Avatar
    Thank you, Joe, for your thoughts and experience. I can see that I must try the Harman paper. I have both pinhole and lens cameras (actual and imagined) for which this might be a perfect image medium.

    Tom Miller exhibits 11x14 paper negatives exposed in his potato chip cans. I have a whole bunch of popcorn tins that I have been using for film negatives, but the prospect of the one of a kind positive silver gelatin print is too tempting to pass up.
  2. renon's Avatar
    In the meantime I got baryta HDPP paper, up to now I made only some tests with RC paper, and I'm now highly motivated by your blog entry to use it.
  3. renon's Avatar
    Great article, Joe. Many thanks for posting details of your work and your thoughts. Sometimes I like also the controllable depth of field of lens cameras. It allows a better separation of the main objects from the surroundings than the almost infinite depth of field of the pinhole "lens".
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