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  1. Isis's Avatar
    You must have a bigger RAV 4 than me Earl...
  2. Tom Persinger's Avatar
    Darkroom is looking great Earl! congratulations!
  3. banana_legs's Avatar

    Black and White imagery is great as it does not show how green I am with envy at such a wonderful work area! I also 2nd Joe in that the plate burner is very nice indeed; I am considering a sign above my garage door where I do my alt-printing that goes along the lines "An empty UV box is a sad UV box" Evan
  4. Ned.Lewis's Avatar
    That looks wonderful! ( I think your work table is larger than my entire closet darkroom.... I'm seeing shades of green in that quartz! )
  5. earlj's Avatar
    This working surface is wonderful. I recommend it to anyone who needs a hard, flat, level surface for just about any purpose. I spent about $300 and I think that it is worth every penny. We will see if the surface is impervious, but so far it cleans up good as new with a spritz of window cleaner. Coating sensitizers on it is a dream - it is as level as can be, smoother than glass, and I have not measured the flatness, but I bet that it is within a few thousanths of an inch.
  6. JoeVanCleave's Avatar
    Earl, that's a remarkable darkroom, plenty of space and I especially like the plate burner. Well done, you should be very happy working in such a space.
  7. Jimmy G's Avatar
    Now that's a darkroom....good for you Earl, I hope you enjoy it and make lots more art.
    I really like that intellifaucet, that'd come in really handy for c41 processing.
  8. rdungan's Avatar
    Looks like you will have a really great setup when you are done.
  9. rdungan's Avatar
    Looks like a class A working surface. Will the chemicals stain the quartz?
  10. GLSmyth's Avatar
    Earl - Gotcha, looks like a good idea.

    Cheers -

  11. earlj's Avatar
    Thanks, George - you have to go to the site - here is the link to the 120 scanning aid:
  12. GLSmyth's Avatar
    That does look like fun. I did not see the 120 version on the website, do you have a link?

    Cheers -

  13. earlj's Avatar
    Mine is black. It looks a lot like a real camera.
  14. scheimfluger_77's Avatar
    So Earl, what color did you get?
  15. Jimmy G's Avatar
    Thanks Earl, that's a cool camera. Also, that scanning aid is certainly interesting!