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This is the name of my photographic company, but it is a fitting name for a place to put down my thoughts on all things photographic.

  1. Better picture of the door

    Apparently, this software does not allow the author to edit blog posts. (Edit - I just noticed the pencil icon near the title of the post that let's me edit. I will do a better job in the future.) Here is a better picture of my rotating darkroom door. There were three of them on ebay when I bought it - two of them for $200 each and this one for $20. I had to drive an hour and a half each way to pick it up, it barely fit into my Toyota RAV-4, and I had a very interesting conversation with a large ...

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  2. The Functional Darkroom con't


    photo 3.jpg

    I love the stone table, the big sink, the plate burner, the toilet, the storage. I need yet to store my glassware, make a light table, maybe a print dryer . . . . .
  3. The Functional Darkroom con't

    counter clockwise around the room

    photo 5.jpg

    photo 6.jpg

    photo 12.jpg

    photo 1.jpg
  4. The Functional Darkroom

    I wanted to wait until my darkroom is finished before I show it to everyone. I came to the conclusion that the darkroom is never finished, so I thought that I would show you what is there tonight. I love my space - it is almost everything that I need and want.


    The official rotating darkroom door that I bought for $20.