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  1. 5" x 7" Pinhole Box Camera Video

    Hi folks;

    Some of you might know that I've been using a 5" x 7" pinhole box camera recently, constructed of black foam core board and featuring an internal storage compartment for paper negatives.

    Here's a sample image:

    Today I put together a simple video explaining the features ...
  2. Harman Direst Positive Paper


    I came to F295 as an active member around 2005, involved at that time almost exclusively in pinhole photography, paper negatives and camera-building, yet I've spent more time in the last few years working with silver gelatin paper media in various refractive optics cameras. Iíve not really taken the time to reflect on why that happened, but would like to share with you something of my process and methods.

    For a long time - since the late ...
  3. The Sprocket Rocket

    I purchased a Sprocket Rocket camera from the Lomography folks. There are plenty of images on the site, so I won't post any pictures. The camera is all plastic, and seems very well put together. Of course, my first thought was to install a pinhole right away, but it turns out that the two screws on the front of the lens are for show only, have no threads, and do not hold anything together. This means that removing the lens most likely entails disassembly ...
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