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  1. ?? manfrotto compact removable plate tripod rmkc3-h01 tripod screw for vermeer 66

    Hello there,

    I have an vermeer 66 , 9 years old , new in the package , and I have a removable plate , manfrotto compact mkc03-h01 and looking information to find a suitable screw which will work...
  2. Do Anomalous Glass Improve plano convex lens ?

    Question is same as above . for Tim's Vermeer.


  3. Optical Glass Catalog Reading and Wider Color Range able Glass ?

    I want to buy optical glass blank from China but I dont know how to select wider color range glass from Catalog. Is it related to Abbe number or what ?


  4. Tim's Vermeer, Plano Convex designer uses Wavefront Analysis , from China ?

    I want to order a plano convex lens from china and looking for a lens designer who uses wavefront analysis and 3d OTF for designing my lens.

    Any suggestions ?

  5. Tim's Vermeer , Can 3D OTF, Leica Relief be inserted in plano convex design

    I spent quite a lot of time and IMHO 3d OTF is responsible from leica relief. My question , Can 3D OTF be inserted in plano convex design for better lens for Tim's Vermeer setup ?

  6. Tim's Vermeer, Can Fluoride be used, no oxidation, no coating after polished ?

    Can Fluoride be used safely without oxidation without coating after polished ? I want to order a plano convex lens from chinese lens maker .

  7. China , Exotic Optical Glass Suppliers for Tim's Vermeer Optics

    I am looking for a resource from china where would be supply 13 cms diameter 5 cms thick exotic glass like fluorides or LAK9 if ı am not wrong that was Summicron Thorium doped glass.

    Any help is...
  8. Tim's Vermeer and 4 inches dia, 28 inches FL, Plano Convex Lens Maker from China ?

    I am looking for a lens maker from china who would make for me above lens. I remember from 10 , 15 years ago , people were ordering their hard to find lenses from China.

    I need your suggestions...
  9. Ned, Thank you. It would be great. Happy New Year.

    Ned, Thank you. It would be great. Happy New Year.
  11. 2557

  12. Century used to perfect soft focus lens,What do we know to design such pinsieve

    Its a thin line to define art , only the good art guides us. I found I love pinsieve images of low contrast autumn boat harbour water color qualities.

    I know optics designers used a century to...
  13. Cezary, Thank you for your message. My sister...


    Thank you for your message. My sister presented me an Vermeer F170 6X6 camera , your creation !!:) Excellent camera but I think I need a tripod also , can you confirm that.

    May be I got...
  14. Hello Chris and all, I worked at prepress...

    Hello Chris and all,

    I worked at prepress industry for 5 years and I printed 70x210 films everyday. As far as I know , ordering from prepress house is very expensive if they use drum image setter....
  15. And I want to ask , how red correction or blue...

    And I want to ask , how red correction or blue correction in design of pin sieve effects posted image. There red , green and blue looks good.
  16. Hello Chris and all, I visited the link and...

    Hello Chris and all,

    I visited the link and there are countless details to design a photon sieve. I am fully inexperienced in that art and I want to get the same look at the picture. I have no...
  17. Photon Sieve , How to create that look with converting Vermeer 6x6 ?


    Hello there,

    I found above photon sieve image at web , photographer reports that photon sieve was too large and image was unrecognisable . My sister bought me a vermeer camera which was...
  18. Help! Sourcing for Linear Scanner Array attached to circuit + built in memory card!

    Its a pain to unable to afford film and all processes. And linear scanner arrays are excellent to reduce the cost and increase the quality from a digital camera.

    I had been contacted with a...
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    Single Diode Camera

    Of course ;)but when you find to scan the scene , everything differs.
    This is not a toy concept , in 10 years , we will see these cameras at the market.
    I am asking a bright idea for scan the...
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    Single Diode Camera

    I found a semiconductor electronic piece called photodiode at Thorlabs Catalog , extremelly wide range powerful sensivity and 11 dollars.
    If you attach a Analog Digital Concerter , an ─▒ntegrated...
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    Spectrum Broadening - Nobel 2005

    I got my new ThorLabs catalog from Germany. It is 1500 pages and 4 kilograms weight and I found there a technology called Spectrum Broadening and other gizmos and their 2005 Nobel Physics Prize....
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    Lowest heat needed , easiest glass and lens

    I hope you read the entire message , this is the easiest glass lens making technology . There are some books on sol gel silica glass at google books free.
    I am talking about making a gel from some...
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    Slit Cinema Camera

    Hello , I am thinking to build a slit based 35 mm cinema camera.
    It will be made from a camera darkroom , one big roll of 35 mm film , an empty spool and a hand cranck to move the film to the empty...
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    Mit MURA Deconvolution + Style Copying

    You can find many inventions and research progrrams about photography if you visit mit / computer education department pages..
    There are two important researches.
    First , coded aperture and its...
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    i got the potato dna transfer technology from spider silk growing.
    May be you can find a wasp and inject your new dna to its baby , wasp baby can be grown inside caterpillar bug and caterpillar bug...
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