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Thread: My UrbanNature (Color)

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    My UrbanNature (Color)

    This post is in two parts, the B&W part here and the color one in this post.

    As my project had not been approved for the Le Bourget 2008 exhibition, I have decided to show my three photos here because it is too bad that they stay in my computer.

    For this project I would like to promote three different styles, B&W very large paper negative, color two exposures gakken photo and anamorphose. But I had not enough time to create anamorphoses.

    I must recognize that the exhibition theme was difficult for me because I am more interested in architecture and industrial landscapes... So I have decided to seek the urban nature in the municipals' gardens with their greenhouses...

    So I have proposes three photos. The gakken colored one (148,5 x 46,5 cm) presented here :

    Bleu plus vert égal jaune

    And the 2 B&W one's here.

    Hope you will like them...


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    My UrbanNature (Color)

    Well I like it very much. Beautiful colours & I like the 'ageing' on the glass panes. A simple idea but so effective. Very good.

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    My UrbanNature (Color)

    I like specially the second b & w one with the deserted factory, greenhouse or whatever it is (was)

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    My UrbanNature (Color)

    Thx !

    antbiker> If I don't forget my large paper negatives, but I also begin to really like the little stereo Gakken camera easy to load, mostly because of the combination of the panoramic size and the stereo shot that allow the "lucky" mixing of the pictures.

    taco> It was a greenhouse, a big one And the most surprising is that the exposure time was 3 hours long. I thought that there were more light to help the seeds to grow up. But I must confess that the rainy day did not help too


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