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Thread: Polaroid and Zone Plate

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    Polaroid and Zone Plate

    Thank you, Chris! Your zone plate images are exquisite!

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    Polaroid and Zone Plate

    This is great Laura, really mysterious and haunting - in the sense that it stays with you. I love the mono version without the complication of the albeit muted colours. Some portraits are almost intravenous in their effect and this is one of those - it is engaging and gets inside you without you really knowing why. If I were to alter anything, I personally would have cropped out or burned in the tiny white triangle of light in the far lower left corner. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


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    Polaroid and Zone Plate

    Hi Mark,
    Thank you for your kind words. Perhaps the colors do detract from the intravenous (I love your choice of words!) effect. When I first saw this print, I wanted to throw it away so it could never be seen again. As a self portrait, the image startled me a little . I still haven't quite put my finger on why. I agree that I should eliminate the triangle of light in the lower left corner. When I pulled the print from my Polaroid back, the developer skipped the corner and left behind that shapely souvenir.
    Thanks again for the insightful feedback. -- Laura

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