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    More close up fun with the matchbox :-)

    24x24mm, Kodak Plus ISO200, indoor shot under kitchen lights; exposed for about a minute I think. Attached files

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    Wooah! Sorry it came out so large!!!!

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    large is good.. hehe
    good work!
    love the color.

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    I don't mind large at all, except that it demonstrates that your 35 mm pinholes are so much better than mine...

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    yeah, I think that's about as good as I'm doin' with 6x6 cm !

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    Gah, I never thought I'd live to see the day someone decided to take a flower macro with a pinhole!

    Nicely done, Al!

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    that is truly amazing,
    I wish I could have negs that would tolerate such enlargement and looks as good. huge

    it would be amazing and nutty I suppose if I could afford lifesize film/papers working with meters/feet

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    so this is what a bee tries endlessly to set it's sights on ...

    wonderfully vivid

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    An excellent look for a flower. Very nice.

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