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Thread: something new!

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    something new!

    went out today to the Golden Gate National Cemetery and shot some polaroid with the smallest aperture zoneplate. Almost pinhole with a touch of glow.

    Shot with Zero Image 45 with Polaroid Type 79 exposures as fast as I could open and close with a shutter release.

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    something new!

    two more from the set

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    something new!

    These are great! I like #3 the best. The way the headstones fade into rows of dots and the rows radiate
    away from the central viewpoint. Cool.

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    something new!

    Very nice series but I think #1 is something special. It almost looks like a diorama constructed in a studio . The head stone and flower have the feel of a still life.The back ground looks like a large color print. It is amazing.

    I don't know that another format could give this perspective "in real life", Another instance where lensless imagery can produce results "easily" (a very relative term I hasten to add!) that would require a lot more effort with a lens.

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    something new!

    Nice patterns. Appealing 'look' from your camera. I like the perspective of #1.

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    something new!

    Very nice series Erin and you did a wonderful job representing the headstones in so many different ways.

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    something new!

    All very nice, #3 is my fave.

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    something new!

    wow. i really dig 2, 3, and 4 but i'd have to say that #3 is my favorite too. for me, It has more of an emotional impact, as those stones seem to go on forever. And the uniform style of the stones is visually stunning and make for interesting lines/patterns.

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    something new!

    I think these are subjects (or at least compositions) that don't work so well with the zone plate. Of all of them, the first is probably the best.

    Your grass abstracts & the arches from the mission are much nicer.

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    something new!

    Erin, I really like the look you're getting with this ultra-small zone plate lens; nice work.


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