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Thread: B/W Zone Plate Portrait No. 2

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    B/W Zone Plate Portrait No. 2

    The portrait was made with a Zero45, 405 back, and T672 film. The camera was set at the 50mm zone plate using 75mm extensions. Exposure was 4 seconds.

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    B/W Zone Plate Portrait No. 2

    My first reaction to this one was that it is not as striking or powerful as some of your other portraits, Laura. However, after looking again I can only say it has different qualities and, like many quiet images, it takes some time to fully appreciate. There is a softness in the zone plate effect which reflects a softness in the expression of your subject.

    Whilst I am no expert in portraiture, I think that the head and shoulders is more difficult to pull off than the full length because there are fewer "props" to play with (limbs, backdrop etc). On my second and third viewings I started to understand the way you have capped the face with the hat and underscored it with the dark jacket. When I picture this in my head as a captured glance rather than a posed 4 second photo I like it better too (though I am a a loss to explain why.)

    Thanks for sharing this one.


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    B/W Zone Plate Portrait No. 2

    Of the two hat portraits posted here from this session, the other, where the sitter is looking down, is my favorite. What I really wanted to play with here was form. The brim of the hat dividing the frame, the light, shadow and texture, and the dark clothing. It was an exercise in cutting back on things that I didn't feel were essential to the portrait. Interestingly, these images are less posed than previous portraits. So you are correct in picturing this photo as a captured glance. Granted, I asked the sitter to "hold it" for four seconds but the pose was a natural one created by the sitter. Thank you for your feedback. It's helpful to hear the progression of your viewing experience. -- Laura

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