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    Guess what

    A leftover from a T-max 400 35 mm film used for other purposes, loaded in an old Russian Zenith 500 SLR fitted with the same RMP zoneplate in a M42 bodycap as here
    That's the advantage of this bodycap: I can use it on all old M42 cameras and on my 6x9 Franka.
    Exposure 60 sec with available kitchen bulbs, development 6 1/2 min in T-Max developer 1:4
    Nearly forgot to mention what it is :'(
    The cutlery tray of a Miele diskwasher Attached files

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    Guess what

    Hmmmmm.....looked like a Maytag to me...... ;D ;D

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    Guess what

    Quote Originally Posted by Marv
    Hmmmmm.....looked like a Maytag to me...... ;D ;D
    ? Googled and found the brand but never heard about them in Europe.
    Coming to the point: We have actually our 3rd dish washer (and not disk washer*), therefore I know a lot of European brands and have never seen this cutlery system on others. Maybe Miele has a patent on it for the European market :
    * I have a disk washer also! I'm one of the vinyl freaks with a "wet playing" Lenco L75 but wet playing soils the disks and therefore I have a nice little gadget to "wash" them from time to time

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