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Thread: Grass Studies

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    Grass Studies

    It's the time of year when the hillside by my office is ablaze with the tall yellow grass that yielded me the Windy Grass image.

    I have been going out after work shooting over the past two weeks.

    Mix of fuji instant and polaroid instant and zoneplate on my zeroimage 45 camera.

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    Grass Studies

    Nice pics.

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    Grass Studies

    They look like the same picture at different times of the day.
    Beautiful example of the tempature of light

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    Grass Studies

    Lovely images - very nice interpretation

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    Grass Studies

    Very nice series.

    -- Ruediger

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    Grass Studies

    beautiful abstracts

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    Grass Studies

    These are wonderful, Erin. I'm intrigued by the differences in tone between the images; perhaps time of day, or types of film, or both? I love the abstraction of these essential landscapes into soft horizons of colors and subtle texture. I need to visit this part of the F295 more often.


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    Grass Studies

    Ahhhh! Geee! These are wonderful!

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    Grass Studies

    Very beautiful.

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    Grass Studies

    Love the colors. Nice set.

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