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    Steve Lawson

    Here is a very interesting artist working in non-traditional forms and techniques.

    Steve Lawson.


    I think he would make an interesting speaker at next year's f295 Symposium. He lives not far from Pittsburgh.


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    Steve Lawson

    Stephen Lawson had several pieces at the AIPAD show here in Miami during Art Basel this past year. His work is created using a camera that takes pictures in 2 degree increments during the span of the entire composition. He then prints the pictures so that the viewer "reads" the piece from left to right, as one would read a sentence. The element of time is therefore introduced into the piece, so that the passage of the sun across the sky or the seasons changing are a part of the artwork as well. You can almost see the three pieces of his work on the right hand wall at the AIPAD show in the picture below. There are also some more of his work in the link below.I wish that it would show more; his work is very interesting but have to be viewed from relatively close up to really be appreciated. Attached files

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    Steve Lawson

    I saw his work at the Kathleen Ewing Gallery in Washington DC a few years ago. It was amazing. One of my favorites was when he mounted his camera on his car then drove around a european city making images every few minutes. Another good one is the life of a bonfire. If you ever get a chance to see his work in person, do it.

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    Steve Lawson

    I came over here to find someone to ask a question of..Chris...I checked out all your images on Flickr..impressive..I am hoping someone could look at the latest two images I have posted on jpg and give me an opinion..I am using (for these) pinhole's I have put in body caps from my Nikon D80 7 Sony A200..I like the colors..I am just wondering if there is a way to make them more sharp..what am I doing wrong that they are not sharp..I made the pinholes with the tiniest beading needles they make but not sure how to make them smaller..Avid reader of Black & White Photography and have all the mags. with articles on Pinholing and some of those shots are very place at jpg..... I would so appreciate any critiquing...

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    Steve Lawson

    P.S. your cameras are INCREDIBLE

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