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My problem is the following: As my enlarging frame handles only 18 x 24 cm and my trays only 20 x 30 cm but sometimes I want for some reasons a larger print, I have to let them be printed by a photo lab.
If I hand over my transformed into 256 colours greyscale jpgs to the lab, they come sometimes out like slightly sepia toned. As a large sized print is easily 5 ÔéČuro, I didn't experiment to much till now but would it be better to keep the scans in 16 million colours and tint them with a tick of blue to get a neutral b & w print as result?
Your thoughts, pleade

g'day Taco

dare i say, going digital to print monochrome is a backwards step if you have a working darkroom

printing frame too small, can't afford bigger? make one, piece of plywood, 2 pieces of moulding to make a corner, you actually don't need to hold the paper down, most papers sit flat enough and depth of focus will keep image sharp

trays too small, can't afford bigger? buy one large tray of any type, doesn't need to be photographic, and three jugs which also don't need to photographic, place print in tray, pour in/pour out each solution in turn

enlarger doesn't enlarge enough? reverse head and project onto floor, if the image is large enough and the lens can be focused what else do you need?