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Thread: October Tree

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    October Tree

    Hi -

    I love the light this time of year in this part of the world.
    Shot with a Canon 5D with Zone Plate Body Cap.

    Tom Attached files

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    October Tree

    That is looking a little too dark on my monitor.
    This is closer to what I wanted.
    Sorry about that.
    Tom Attached files

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    October Tree

    Beautiful image!!

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    October Tree

    Thanks Greg

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    October Tree

    I agree with Greg.

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    October Tree

    It's interesting how the mood changes subtly with each of your presentations. Nice picture(s).

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    October Tree

    WOnderfully soft photo of hardwood tree. Nice contrast.

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    October Tree

    I like the darker one myself but my laptop monitor isn't calibrated or anything. It gives a more night time effect. Very cool.

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