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Thread: bellows project

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    bellows project

    I bought a RHS camera witha bad bellows. I combined the best of several differant methods on the web,a nd added a couple of my own.
    The first three pics show the bellows form, the form with the inner fabric installed, I used heat fusible adhesive tape for the seam,(mainly for conveniance). The third pic shows the guide I used for attaching the stiffeners to a wax paper carrier( using a (3M) Scotch brand restickable glue stick) Attached files

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    bellows project

    pic 1 shows the stiffeners glued to bellows w/ the wax paper carrier partialy removed. Pic 2 shows stiffeners glued to bellows ready for a coat of glue and the outer fabric

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    bellows project

    I got a little ahead of myself on the comments, but you folks are smart enough to figure it out.
    pic 2 shows the folded bellows.
    I got in a hurry finishing this bellows that I forgot to take a pic of the bellows with the outer fabric intalled.

    The inner fabric is a polyester/ cotton blend fabric .005 thick, card stock .009 thick.
    The outer fabric is white drapery black out cloth .005 thick, painted on both sides with Krylon flat black Attached files

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    bellows project

    pic 1 shows the new bellows installed.
    pic 2 shows the original bellows
    This was my first bellows, and it won't be my last.
    I'm in the process of building 20x24 pinhole / primitive lens camera Attached files

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    bellows project

    Nice method and documentation! Thanks for sharing.

    How long did it take you? Looks like it could be done pretty quickly.

    Perhaps a dumb question, should the stiffeners nest to the adjacent side so they stiffen into the corners all the way?

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    bellows project

    The form took about 30 minutes, the stiffeners take the most time, they have to be cut and then temp glue to the wax paper. once that is done the rest takes about 30- 45 minutes.
    The stiffeners are oriented the same way as the original bellows. This arrangment can be folded as a 45% corner as this is or folded like a typical Kodak with square corners.
    I have several old bellows that I have partialy disassembled to determine orientation and folding method.
    One thing most have had in common are the shape of the stiffeners.

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    bellows project

    Thanks for the inspiration! I had bought some very expensive darkroom blackout cloth and ended up using it in my darkroom as a curtain before I could use it as intended for an 8x10 bellows.

    I since have found out that the store no longer carries the fabric, and I was wondering what I'd use as an alternative. The white blackout cloth is very readily available and I had wondered about dying it - looks like the painting method works fine. Does the paint pigment rub off or threaten to flake or anything, or do you find it works perfectly well?

    Thanks again. Maybe I'll get my bellows done someday yet, and with the cheaper drapery cloth option I can afford to remake it if I screw up the first one.


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