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Thread: Any experience with Skink zone plates?

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    Any experience with Skink zone plates?

    Hi lensless photographers,

    recently I noticed some chinese pinholes and zone plates for sale on e8ay under the Skink Pinhole brand (seller good2rely). Does anyone here have any experience with them, namely with the zone plates? USD 25 plus shipping is not so much but not so cheap as well...


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    Any experience with Skink zone plates?

    I had seen them on eBay and was somewhat intrigued - especially with the extension set up for Zone Plate - giving the opportunity for longer focal lengths.
    I had done some of this with extension tubes and pinholes but they were never quite satisfactory on the Canon 5D.
    Anyway, I ordered the pancake and extension with a zone plate and I'll let you know how it works.
    I usually don't buy from dealers in Singapore or Hong Kong, but this seller had a very good feedback rating on over two thousand transactions, so I decided to give it a shot.

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