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Thread: Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)


    Just wanted to mention that I have two images published in Eric's newest book, "Pinhole Photography, Fourth Edition, From Historic Technique to Digital Application".
    He has a section on Digital Pinhole and asked me to let him use the images.


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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

    Congratulations Tom! I'll keep an eye out for the book.


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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

    Super! Congrats!
    I'm eager to see this edition. Hmm, it's in stock at Amazon... 8)

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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

    I got to peek at a copy of the book last night, and I saw your prints! Congratulations, Tom.

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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

    Thanks for the comments. The book is available in a lot of places. It's no exactly cheap - or I'd have about 50 copies to hand out to people on the street.

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    Eric Renner's New Book (and me)

    congrats tom!! I have the first edition of this book, but it just might be time to purchase an updated one if there's significant amount of new info and/or images

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