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Thread: Agave in gum

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    Agave in gum

    This is a photo that appeared on this forum a couple of years ago. Original was a 4x5 b/w pinhole photo I made in the Stanford University cactus garden. Here is a recent multi-layer gum print made with a digital negative of the original scan.
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    Agave in gum

    For comparison, here is another "interpretation" of the same negative, with a different color scheme.
    Truth be told, I just kept adding weird colors hoping something would bring it together. After about 5 layers I realized it was just icky and gave up.
    However, it has sorta grown on me, and I think it's interesting to see the different tonality here compared to the other one.

    Flickr pals will have seen these already. Sorry for the cross-posting Attached files

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    Agave in gum

    What I really like about the second one is the color in the details. Like I first see it as a monochrome print, but then looking in the detail areas and shadows, there's all this color. So subtly interesting. The first one just reaches out and grabs you right away. Well done!

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    Agave in gum

    Mary, your gum prints look great. I like the subtle colours in the second interpretation.

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    Agave in gum

    Thanks for your comments, Doug and Rene! I have had a long absence from f295, but I'm checking in more often again. Lots of good stuff going on here.
    Thanks for digging into the archives!

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