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    120 Scans

    Rolliecord VB. 120 FP4. Orange Filter. Scanned via a Canonscan 8400f. Very little else except a slight adustment with levels in Photoshop. I process all my films, apart from35mm color due to the cost of processing kits.

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    120 Scans


    i scan my 35mm b/w film, and have some 120 hp4, although i will need to modify /build a pinhole camera

    but i scan my paper negatives as well as film negatives with my epson 4400f. i scan the 35mm b/w negatives after processing them, kind of like a digital contact print, to see which images i want to take into the darkroom for printing, i like you, take the color 35mm film to a shop for processing, and then scan the negs at home, my enlarger dosnt have a color head, and so i upload the color images to an online printers ( i dont own a printer myself ).

    your pictures are great, the 3rd and 4th one especially so.

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    120 Scans

    They are really great images but the 4th picture is awesome; well done. Reminds me a bit of Turner's "The Fighting Temeraire".


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    120 Scans

    Yes, the light on the side of the ship in that fourth one is awesome. Others are good too.

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    120 Scans

    wondering how you avoided having any more lens glare than you do have in those last two.

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