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Thread: Pinhole source

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    Pinhole source

    Hi all. I'm doing a project for a paper where I plan on comparing the imaging characteristics of pinholes. I need a source for economical pinholes of different sizes. I usually just make my own, but need more sophistication for this project. Where can I quickly get a set of pinholes (4-5) reasonably cheaply. I see a guy on ebay that's located in China, but that's going to take too long to get to me.

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    Pinhole source

    I have some electronic microscope apertures in 0.15, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8 mm if you would like to use them send me your address. I'll use transparent tape to attachment them to paper with the sizes written underneath.

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    Pinhole source

    not sure what "reasonably cheaply" is (everyone's standards seem to differ), but I know Calumet offers a set of pinholes for around $40. I cannot vouch for their roundness or whatnot, as I've not used them. Aside from that, there are vendors of pinholes (usually supplying scientific researchers) online. I bought mine recently from Lenox Laser, and it shipped out the next day. The also supply imaging slits and their website has a convenient pinhole and FOV calculator application (both Windows and Mac versions) too: ... But, it wasn't precisely "cheap" (by my standard) at $18 for a single pinhole. YMMV

    (I have no affiliation with lenox laser, except as a customer -- and I'm still waiting to develop my first shots with their pinhole, so I can't even say for sure that it's a good one yet.)

    good luck with the project!

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    Pinhole source

    Thanks to Chris my pinhole needs will be satisfied! When all is done, I'll be sure to post pieces of my work.

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    Pinhole source

    Chris has the right solution. The tiny copper apertures used in electron microscopy are (in my opinion) the best pinholes at any price, and you can get 100 of them for the cost of one Lenox aperture. Of course, you have to buy a minimum of 100 of each size . . .

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    Pinhole source

    Greetings... where do you guys buy the copper apertures used in electron microscopy? Is there a website? I usually make my pinholes, but as I get older the sanding part really hurts my wrist so finding an alternative would be GREAT.

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    Pinhole source

    I buy from this web site, I use their Single Slot Grids which is two thirds down this page.

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    Pinhole source

    Ahhh splendid - now I know what to search for... Slot Grids. NICE! Thanks so much for the website. This will save my wrist for making more ceramic pinhole cameras!

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    Pinhole source

    great info -- thanks Chris and Earl -- page bookmarked

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    Pinhole source

    I bought from them too - great price. I just drilled a 1/16th inch hole and then superglued the aperture to the back. Note that these aren't large mounted apertures, these are 3mm diameter very thin piece of copper. Your entire order of 100 will be smaller than an eraser head.

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