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Thread: art shanty projects

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    art shanty projects

    heres a picture from my 360 pin hole ice shanty this is just from one of the lenses the original is a 16 x 20 paper neg im still working on getting the panoramics scaned in but what do you think of this for now.

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    art shanty projects

    Hi Rich,
    Welcome! This is a great shot-- incredibly sharp, good contrast and also nice tonal range. Loads of nice detail in the snow shadows in the foreground. i can't wait to see more of your work. The panoramics should be interesting! We've seen some photos of this famous event by Tom Miller. Thanks for joining in with yours, too!


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    art shanty projects

    Hi Rich, Congrats on this shot and thank you for posting it here. Folks will be amazed by the pano you showed me at the shanty this afternoon.

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    art shanty projects

    Very nice -- I love the detail of the snow in the foreground; it's just perfect. Also, I'm a sucker for people-motion in long exposures, so I like it here, and how it's part of the scene but not the only subject. Well done -- can't wait to see your panoramics!

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