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Thread: 4x5 meniscus lens camera

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Here is a large format camera 9 built with some simple pieces of wood and one meniscus lens

    A classic 4x5 chassis and two bent wood pieces (for shelf)

    the bellows is made from a black cardboard sheet, and joins the front plate and the chassis. the front plate can slide regarding the bottom plate with a piece of metal for focusing.

    the lens is a meniscus with 120mm focal length, it is closed with a 4mm diaphragm sor the fstop is 30.

    and the result on a fomapan 100 4x5 film exposed 1s (contact print)

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    This is a great design, with great results! Good job!

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Very pretty camera...and very pretty results !

    Welcome to f295.

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    A beautiful camera, simple, clean design, very well done. Excellent idea to use these bent wood pieces. Do you insert a ground glass for focussing or do you the focussing with some distance marks only? The first results of the camera are very good, excellent portraits of a nice young lady.

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Cool design. Shows what a simple approach can produce.

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Thanks all of you !!

    renon> Indeed I used a ground glass for focusing, it is however just a piece of unpolished glass that I positioned at the place of the 4x5 chassis, I plan to build an insert with a glass that has the exact placement of the film sheet. So this first test has been approximately focused..... well I also have a mark for infinity focus

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Nice camera, i like it (and i have to try build similar myself). Are the bellows very difficult when you make?

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    4x5 meniscus lens camera

    Wow very intresting work. Very nice result, how do u use for shutter?

    It's greate. !!!!

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