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    hello to all those that don't see my previous post (new guy).
    so a new guy, yes but what does he does?

    let's give you some piece of work.

    The project starts when i realised that i spend more time on photoshop for one picture than i tooks me to build the cameras.So I decided to stop bothering me and send it directly after the scan on a blog considered as a personnal archive.

    here are the samples:

    you can take a look a the whole project at

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    I like these a lot. There's something raw and elemental about them. Took a look at your blog, very interesting. Thanks for posting, hope to see more.


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    That third one is my favorite, very dark and moody. I agree, hope to see more too!

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    thanks for your comments.

    the raw elemental part of the thing is mainly due to the use of out of date films (they moved a lot in really bad conservation conditions)developped with some weird chemicals, and numerised by non conventional ways (the color one was taped on a bathroom lamp and then shooted with my gf's digital camera, the only color tunes are to get rid of the light's and film tones, plus a little bit of curves job to make it more readable for those who didn't see the place)

    I love the third too, it's quite a bad picture after all, you can clearly see that my scanner is dying with the lines, my exposition is not really good, but i love it. It's St Pierre (Peter?) of poitiers a realy huge cathedral in the centertown of poitiers, the fact is that shooting this kind of things event with pinhole technology is a great challenge, i spent more than 10 monts to build the good camera, there is less than 25m in front of this building. That's quite short to shoot something that large (52m large by 65height). I need to take new pictures of this one with less sky and a better exp of the lower part.

    To see more, i just need 2 hours to go to the lab i've got 6 to 8 films waiting for the baths. I need the new scanner bought on ebay too as mine is definitely dead (his ccd doesn't realy like the 500w lamp i used to scan an "over-over-over-overexposed over developped" film"), I'll update the blog first and post a selection here


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    Certainly an eclectic vision Blanc. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing how this develops.

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    thanks Marv,
    I don't know if this can be qualified as eclectic, it's only based on a simple consideration. People are telling us that "art is in the street!" that's the new leitmotiv' since the y2k, i just started my project thinking that if art is there who will matters of the street itself? and why not me?

    i don't want to do arts i want to play with this fabulous source of stuff that are our streets

    i don't know if my thought is clear (the famous language frontier?) so ask me if you need me to clarify.


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    Raw. Yes! I like the feel of these.

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