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    Top Withins

    I recently watched a short TV programme on Sylvia Plath and her poem 'Wuthering Heights'. I took another look at a book of images in the same Bronte country by Faye Godwin called 'Elmet', printed alongside poems by Ted Hughes. It got me fired up to make a couple of recent trips there and here is a shot of Top Withins, the ruin alleged by some to be the inspiration for Emily Bronte's book.
    Zero Image 5x4 on HP5+. f218, I think for about 40 seconds. A soft image since it was very windy, as it always is, up there, but I think suits the atmosphere I was trying to portray. Scanned on an Epson 2450 flatbed after dev in ID11 1:1 and worked on in Lightroom 2.3 and CS4. Attached files

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    Top Withins

    That's one seriously moody place. Well done.

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    Top Withins


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    Top Withins

    John, you have the atmosphere just right. I must get there some day.

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    Top Withins

    Dark over tone seem to work well. Like the single bright dot within the building

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