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Thread: Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    We are celebrating "Pinholeday Barcelona"
    26th of april 2009
    10.30 – 18 hrs

    You all are invited to Barcelona to share a beautiful lensless day !!!
    We offer a plenty of activities
    *Pinhole photography workshop (with previous appointment)
    *Solarigraphy workshop (with previous appointment)
    *Congelador del tiempo
    *Giant Camera Obscura

    all activities are for free !
    workshop appointments: 93 420 66 51
    all the other activities without appointment

    more infos in spanish/catalan:
    organized by imagen patente and fotoespai Can Basté

    Centre Civic Can Baste
    Pg. Fabra i Puig 274
    08031 Barcelona

    tel 93 420 66 51/ fax 93 420 17 97
    Metro L5 Virrei Amat

    I hope to meet some f295 members there

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    I hope you and the other guys have a great time too!

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    I'll be there !!!!
    There will be an european pinhole day !
    CU soon Matthias !

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    we had a beautiful day at the Can Baste, Barcelona
    here one first impression, a pinhole foto taken with the "mininevera":
    it shows a large group, posing for the first public pinhole picture
    made with the large "congelador del tiempo" fridge camera. Attached files

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    Lucky you! Had pouring rain all day here in Toulouse, so depressing. I had already cancelled the workshop and didn't even take a single picture during the day, not even digital pinhole...

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    Pinholeday Barcelona at Can Basté

    our forecast was bad for pinhole Sunday . We started with some rain, and on 11 AM we had a cloudburst,
    our giant camera hall was almost blind, the van camera inaccessible ,
    but suddenly the clouds disappeared, the giant projection was clearer then ever, and from 12 AM on we had the best mediterranean whether.

    unlucky toulousians ...

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