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Thread: Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    I just started a blog dedicated to news, help and discussion about our Camera Lucidas and Camera Obscuras and other historical art tools and techniques. Please send me links and emails if you have anything to add.

    Please come take a look and tell me what you think!

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    Heres two pictures of my tent camera obscura with Guillaume Pallat, a french pinhole photographer, explaining its use. Guillaume and I taught a basic pinhole class yesterday at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD.

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    This looks very fascinating. Perhaps you could show us the interior of the tent camera obscura, perhaps enlighten us as to what it would take for the DIY crowd here on F295 to fashion one of these ourselves.


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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    Joe,an interesting book which shows this type of camera and more is titled "CAMERAS From Daguerreotypes to Instant Pictures"
    by Brian Coe (ex curator of the Kodak Museum (died 2007) published 1978, ISBN 0-517-5381-2 . Shown are sketches of the insides of these and other types of older cameras and some of the older processes .

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    Here is a page I made years ago showing the parts of my camera obscure. The first picture is all I had to go on to make my co, click on it and it will take you through the parts of my camera.

    My camera is not a pinhole, it uses a +1 diopter close-up lens for focus the image to the drawing board. I think I might make a smaller CO for kids to use. For it I'll use a +2 diopter close-up filter which will focus at 1/2 meter.

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    Heres more pictures from a students blog,

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    Camera Lucida and Camera Obscura BLOG

    Anyone ever put a webcam in a camera obscura, or is it pointless?

    I can see someone looking at their monitor, wondering why the image is upside down, and leaving vulgar comments in YouTube-speak.

    Seriously, I ask because I have been asked to repeat last year's 4-day walk-in C.O. for the entire month of October.

    Last year I went from variable iris to a 4000 mm f/96 (41.4 mm diam) lens due to overcast skies, and that really made it work.

    This year (for those of you who remember me), I found 4000 mm f/27 (150 mm diam) and 2500 mm f/16.6 (150 mm diam) lenses.

    I fear depth of field may be limited, so may have to insert stops, but it should be brighter...

    I just did the inverted image style, no mirror & viewing table. The dynamic distortion of passing cars and even sidewalk pedestrians leaping from wall to wall (upside down) was far more interesting than a properly erected view of an attractive building across the street - that would eventually get rather boring.

    Thank you

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