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Thread: My first Infrared ZP

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    My first Infrared ZP

    4x5" sheet Rollei IR400, R72 filter. 38mm ZP.

    This is the house where we currently live in France, alot more sun than Ireland so perhaps I'll persue this ZP IR thing.

    There's some artifacts on the centre because i had to clean up some marks left by using the 'taco method' to develop multiple sheets in a 120 tank. Lessons learned there, it's strange because this works fine for me with regular film, albeit the few times i've tried. Attached files

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    My first Infrared ZP

    Yes i think you have a worthy pursuit with the combination.

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    My first Infrared ZP

    Not normally a fan of ZP but the softness and IR works together quite well.

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    My first Infrared ZP

    What a lovely home you have there now, Jimmy.

    Very dreamlike location.

    And what a nice image of it.

    I'm really looking forward to more of these !

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    My first Infrared ZP

    The shadow vignetting really helps set this off (and reminds me that I've still got some IR that I need to expose during the season). Even the streaks in the sky work in conjunction with the angle of the shadows.

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