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Thread: A bit of devilment

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    A bit of devilment

    Yes, yes, yes.... I know. I have a colour picture on the black & white board.
    But.... this picture was shot on black & white film.

    See the camera here :-

    Trichromy camera.
    0.010" pinhole (x3) in 0.003" aluminium foil.
    Around 12 secs @ f314 (I think - exposure not recorded as I forgot my pencil!).
    Fuji Neopan 400 ISO black & white film.

    Firstly, uncropped - Attached files

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    A bit of devilment

    And cropped for presentation.
    (Note the colour separation in the foreground grasses where 'chroma parralax error' occurs - please excuse me, I don't know what else to call it). Attached files

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    A bit of devilment

    Fascinating! Wow! Is this essentially a triple exposure, in sequence, once using each "color"?

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    A bit of devilment

    This is amazing Tony.

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    A bit of devilment

    That is brilliant Tony
    You certainly have worked out how to do it.

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    A bit of devilment

    21st century photography indeed! Well done, Tony. This is amazing, great work. I'm lost for adjectives.

    I suppose if we consider Photo Engineer's B/W emulsion-making efforts over on the APUG forums, then color photography via chemicals should remain alive and well into the foreseeable future, albeit with a bit more effort.

    I look forward to seeing more of this work.


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    A bit of devilment

    Tony, congratulations to this amazing success!

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    A bit of devilment

    I am glad to see results from your project Tony. You sounded a bit down in the original post but your perseverance has produced a wonderful tri-color photo.

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    A bit of devilment

    We are not worthy you must be pleased with the outcome

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    A bit of devilment

    Color picture reinvented, incredible !

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