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Thread: More from spookcam

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    More from spookcam

    Here's another couple of images from my broken Lumix FZ5. As I said before, these are how the images come out - no manipulation has been done by me. THe camera does it... with a bit of encouragement and the right set up.

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    More from spookcam

    I've followed your threads with interest, but until now haven't commented. Perhaps you should clarify your position on the bleeding edge of camera spookiness by starting a Flickr group for those with haunted digital cameras.

    Or perhaps the demons have inhabited the JPEG processing programmed burned into the camera's firmware, like the legion of demons being driven out into the herd of swine in the gospel story.

    BTW, I have a Lumix G1; but for what I paid for it, I sure hope it doesn't become possessed.


    PS: Do you suppose there's any connection between the words "Lumix" and "Lucifer"? Both have Greek roots meaning "light".

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    More from spookcam

    but for what I paid for it, I sure hope it doesn't become possessed
    Hey, DocNelson's camera has a much higher value than your G1. ;D

    These pictures are really unique. The second one is absolutely great. I would make a large poster of it. Would be also a good CD or book cover. The pictures look so psychedelic. This camera must be on drugs. Do you give her daily Peyotl cactus?

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    More from spookcam

    Thank you for sharing these amazing pictures within F295 !

    But for a joke, you could go a step further ; yes, your camera became unvaluable, because she is unique. Why not make large prints of some selected pictures and propose them to a modern t'art gallery ? In this realm, there are always idiots to buy anything at the price you are asking for, so maybe you are the next genius nonfigurative fotographer ?


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    More from spookcam

    Thanks for the kind comments.
    The camera is, I think, infected with something and is basically running a high fever with accompanying hallucinations. I cannot believe I am in possession of this. It may have been accidental but, as Louis Pasteur replied when accused of discovering things by accident, "fortune favours the prepared mind". I could easily have chucked the camera because, at first, it did nothing but produce either completely black or completely white images and it wouldn't be worth getting it fixed. But, after fiddling about with it, I started to get these pictures. From an artistic perspective, I regard the camera as a Duchamp-like 'found object' that happens to produce artefacts that are also 'found objects'.

    Now, to make a living and pay the bills, I work as a scientist. However, I've always been an artist - in the past I did a lot of copperplate etchings and wood engravings, latterly I've been working in oil on canvas. Strangely, my paintings began to resemble pinhole photos before I had got my first pinhole camera. Anyway, there are a couple of galleries in Belfast that show my paintings. So, I got three of the spookcam images giclee printed on canvas (10x7.5 inches) and took them to both gallery owners. The first took half an hour's worth of philosophising to convince himself that it was suitable for his gallery (I said not a word), the other is to get back to me. We''ll see how it goes - signed limited edition of 25.

    Some of the images are rather frightening. I might gather the courage to post one later. Also, I guess I'll set up a Flikr site when I get some time so you can look at the paintings.

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