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Thread: weeping willow

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    weeping willow

    here is the old willow trees again. i was not happy with my B&W exposure, but these are better.
    4x5 velvia 100f
    25mm f138 about 1 sec.

    ps, maybe this is a 50mm shot?.?.?.?.? hhhhmmm????! Attached files

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    weeping willow

    I like it as is... I don't think 50mm would have worked as well because I like the wide area of vignetting

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    weeping willow

    Nice image, The tree seems to be of great importance. The colors are great, I just love Velvia.

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    weeping willow

    Agree with Andrew -- the vignetting is great. The photographer's shadow is a nice touch.

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    weeping willow

    The color definately changes the overall feel of the image. Maybe alittle more surreal and a little less abstract.

    Very nice.

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    weeping willow

    Surreal is the word I would use, too. Really a wonderful image.


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    weeping willow


    but im not a fan of the photographer shadow

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    weeping willow

    Lovely. It looks like the trees on either side of the frame are reaching to be included in the photo.

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    weeping willow

    Top shot Eddie - colour notwithstanding

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    weeping willow

    Great shot. I like the angle of view. I wouldn't go with 50mm. But I agree with Journeyman... not a huge fan of the shadow.

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