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Thread: Master and his dog

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    Master and his dog

    I gave myself a try to shoot on the street... Long exposure allows to capture a movement which is something different then frozen time usual seen on street photography pictures. I'll try it more and see if this approach will give me something interesting.
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    Master and his dog

    Think you got the interesting part already, good approach to street photography. I like the dogs head swinging to the side and up to the master.

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    Master and his dog

    Great street level stuff. Nice movement within the frame.

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    Master and his dog

    The composition is "spot" on (pun intended ) and the way the dogs ghost head interacts with the group is most interesting. Very nice.

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    Master and his dog

    Nice to see someone else trying pinhole-street! I like the blur on this, and the low viewpoint too. Good job!

    You don't mention what film you're using, but if you want to experiment with less blur (there will still be some, just less), I've found Ilford Delta3200 is good: basically open and close the shutter as fast as I can (no cable release here) and that gives decent exposure on a sunny day.

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