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Thread: crosses and fog

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    crosses and fog

    10 seconds each, agfa 200, zero 2000

    Every year on the Roe Anniversary the Pro-Lifers put crosses on the lawn in front of the Memorial Union at OSU. This year was foggy and the 12 inch crosses in front of a monumental building seemed like the perfect pinhole opportunity. There aren't many historical buildings of this type in Oregon.

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    crosses and fog

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing.
    I like the perspectives, and the contrast of the green grass against the crosses and fog.

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    crosses and fog

    the first one is the best IMO. you were right it made agreat pinhole shot.

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    crosses and fog

    The first one definately tells a story regardless of the actual circumstances.

    You picked a good camera angle to tell the tale. Very nice.

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