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Thread: Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    The Plaza de la Virgen was the old center of the town. The most people take a picture of the fountain and the plaza with the Catedral in the background. I made it the opposite way. The Catedral was behind me.

    P-Sharan STD-35, film base 0.16 mm pinhole, 20 mm focal length, Kodak Portra 400WB @ 200 ASA, developed in Tetenal Colortec C-41 Attached files

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    This is a lesson in taking a picture of something largely uninteresting & ending up with a fabulous picture.
    Your skill is apparent with cropping, composition & presentation.
    The panoramic format works well & the inclusion of the umbrellas (for example) to the left is perfect.

    Well done.

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    I completely agree with Tony! Great stuff!

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    Many thanks for your kind comments. I appreciate your feedback very much.

    Luckily it was raining shortly before I took the picture. During the exposure some people passed by close to the camera. So I had to stop the exposure and complete it a few seconds later.

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    excellent! street scenes are near to my heart. tony's comment hit the nail on the head for me, especially regards to the framing with the umbrellas.

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    Plaza de la Virgen (Valencia)

    I had really lucky circumstances. Sunny 16 weather is usually not the most interesting one. I prefer wind, rain, clouds etc.

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