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Thread: source for spirit bubble levels

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    source for spirit bubble levels

    I'm planning on building an ultra-wide pinhole camera. Any suggestions on where to buy these tiny vials? My local camera store has the circular "bulls-eye", and also 2 axis levels (attaches to hot shoe). I'm just looking for the single axis vial to imbed into my wooden camera top. I live in the USA, so a legit mail order source in the 50 States would be great.

    I've seen MarkB's post on adding a level which is serving as my inspiration, but I haven't been able to find locally a similar cheapy level to tear apart to use in this project.

    thank you!


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    source for spirit bubble levels

    Look for a "line level" at your local ACE hardware or Home Depot.
    Usually quite cheap, plastic or aluminum frame with a couple of hooks to hang it on a stretched string.
    Pop it apart, or you might be able to use as-is with a little trimming.
    I found a bunch in my first search, for $1

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    source for spirit bubble levels

    Also checkout Harbor Freight stores

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    source for spirit bubble levels

    I purchase them from Geier and Bluhm. Wide variety. Great service.
    Many of them are expensive, but the the round, clear plastic bullseye levels look great and are inexpensive.

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    source for spirit bubble levels

    I recently purchased bundled steel ruler and crap plastic level with three vials at local Tesco for some 1.20 EUR...

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    source for spirit bubble levels

    Thank you very much for the great advice and suggestions. I went to my local hardware/lumber store and found the "line levels" and a cheap 8" plastic torpedo level.

    The line level was $1.75 for a set of two and each glass vial was about 1.75" in length. The torpedo level was about $5 and had 3 vials that were between 1 - 1.5". These two levels are an inexpensive source for future projects. Cool!

    I also checked MarkB's suggestion of Geier and Bluhm and geewhiz! Their website shows an incredible inventory of level vials of all sizes and shapes. Definitely the place to go if one is looking for a particular size/type.

    Thanks again all!


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    source for spirit bubble levels

    I ordered a bunch of levels from Geier & Bluhm, Inc. Great service and nice selection. I recommend them to anyone looking for spirit levels.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

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